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The art of making fine sausages

Breughel, The Sausages Factory, is situated in Ghent (Belgium) and is specialized in the production of small sausages. Mostly individually packed are the mini-salami sausages Mini-Snack and Pit-Stop; Dry Sausages (pork) Natural & Pepper ; Frankfurtersausages Hot-Dog, Big-One, So-Si.

These products, packed under protective atmosphere, have a long shelf life (min. 6 months from production date), some of them even at ambient temperature. Therefore and because of the individual packaging, these products are very suitable for distribution in different channels such as retail, wholesales, convenience stores, cash & carries, CTN′s, automatic distribution, etc.

Breughel also has products which are more suitable for the fresch department ; So-Si frankfurtersausages in multi-pack and Apero mini sausages (pork).

Production in accordance with the client′s specifications and a private label packaging are perfectly possible.

Breughel can guarantee an excellent, constant quality and a flexible service!

The art of making fine sausages