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Factory & offices

Jean Bethunestraat 86 (entrance)
9040 Gent
Tel: +32(0)9/228.30.34
Fax: +32(0)9/228.06.14

Head Office

Dendermondsesteenweg 255
9040 Gent

Suggestions, information & remarks

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Hoe ons te bereiken?

From Brussels

Follow E40 direction ‘Gent’ and leave at ‘Gent-alle richtingen’
At the red lights, to the right (ring Gent) and continue until a large roundabout called ‘Dampoort’. Hold on to the right (direction Zele-Dendermonde) = Dendermondsesteenweg. At the first traffic lights, turn left and then the first to the lift again = Jean Bethunestraat. Entrance: number 86.

From Kortrijk

Follow the E17 direction ‘Gent-centrum’, and leave at ‘Gent-alle richtingen’ Rest = same as above (Brussels)

From Antwerp

Follow the E17 direction ‘Gent’ and leave at Zelzate, ‘Gent-Zeehaven’ then leave at ‘Destelbergen’
Turn to the right (=Dendermondsesteenweg) and continue straight on. At the fifth traffic lights, turn right and then to the left (=Jean Bethunestraat). Entrance: number 86.
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